David Iliffe

After nearly thirty years making a living behind a microphone, David still gets a buzz in those seconds before the red light goes on to remind him he has one of the best jobs in the world. These days, as breakfast presenter on ABC Southern Queensland, his on-air role sometimes takes a back seat to his other jobs, such as teenager wrangler, backyard chicken tamer, family chauffeur, unpaid Minecraft construction worker and opportunistic napper.

David loves storytelling in its many forms both as a consumer and practitioner, and loves nothing more than settling in for a nice long chat with someone and then sculpting it into a great story.

Session Information

First Course, Any Course, A Collision Course! How does food affect our mental health?

Supported by Rugby Farming Group, David Iliffe talks with a panel of foodies, Emma Ellice-Flint and Dr Sharyn Donaldson.